Sarah’s story an inspiration

Well, if you want to read about what

resilience really means, you should turn to page 24. Sarah O’Brien provides the most uplifting story for us all by telling how she refused to allow multiple tragedies define her life entirely.

Despite being taken into care when she was just a little baby, and dealing with the loss of her biological parents, two brothers and a niece in utterly tragic circumstances, Sarah O’Brien has somehow - no doubt with the support of good and decent people, the measure of which only she knows - managed to find the resilience to carry on.

She has graduated with a third-level degree and is now working in an area she loves.

Sarah O’Brien’s story is moving and inspiring and reminds us of the dignity that attaches to people who keep on keeping on. Maintaining a positive outlook on life, getting up each day and meeting with confidence whatever life may throw at us is difficult - even at the best of times.

Sarah’s courage in the teeth of adversity provides us all with a template for battling on, no matter what forces may be ranged against us.

Covid has brought us many challenges. But these will pass. Our passage through this current valley of tears would be all the more manageable if we, also, had the fortitude that has clearly served Sarah O’Brien so well.