Please - not another election!

With Enda evidently on the way out, and either Leo or Simon on the way in, are we looking at another election sooner rather than later?

The bad news is that we almost certainly are. The Taoiseach hasn't revealed his cards yet but it's generally assumed that he'll call a halt to his leadership of Fine Gael sometime after March 17th - when he's due to deliver shamrock to President Trump.

Assuming he survives that particular visit (who knows?), he's expected to announce that he's leaving the party leadership to the next generation.

After that, anything could happen. The most likely turn of events is something nobody wants - another general election.

Even though it's highly likely, it's not a given that there'd be an election the moment a new face takes up the FG reins. After months of being hammered on all sides, Brian Cowen resigned as leader of Fianna Fáil in January 2011, but continued as Taoiseach for another short while. So it's possible to be Taoiseach and not a party leader, albeit for a short time.

But really, when a new leader takes over at FG, it seems inevitable that another election is a dead cert. Someone in this inept and fragile coalition will find a reason to pull the plug. They'll argue probably that they'd done a deal to back Enda, not the new guy.

At that point we can all get the headache pills out.

Because an election is the last thing we need - particularly one that's fairly certain to bring the same result as last year's vote, give or take a few names here and a few faces there and a slight change, perhaps, in the balance of power amongst the parties.

Will we notice the difference? Don't make me laugh.

In any case, we've so many problems in this country that for our so-called leaders to focus for the next few months on hanging on to their well-paid jobs - which is precisely what they will do - would be a disaster on a whole range of fronts.

We've got chaos in the hospitals, we've got strikes looming in public transport, nursing, education and who knows where else. We've got serious questions over garda management and concerns over our rip-off insurance system. Don't get me started on housing, Brexit and underfunding in just about every area that matters.

Will a new government fix any of it? We all know the answer to that one.

But we'll still have to go through the charade of promise after promise from a succession of the same old faces, all thinking more about saving their backsides than the country.

We'll still be told how we'll have a new way of doing things after this vote, and we'll still be told by this party that the other crowd is a bunch of clowns, while the clowns hurl their own abuse at the others in the circus.

Let FG have their new leader. Will it matter to the ordinary person whether it's this candidate or that? Not in the slightest.

But please - spare us another election. We only went to the polls this time last year. And nobody voted to go back again this soon.