Donie O’Sullivan’s courage will help others

We all learned recently how good CNN journalist Donie O’Sullivan is at his job. His on-site reporting from the US Capitol in Washington on January 6 as Trump’s lunatic, violent and extremist fringe rioted was a study in calm professionalism at a moment of truly historic importance.

But now we know he’s a very courageous man as well.

In a candid and open interview with the Irish Times at the weekend, Donie O’Sullivan dropped the journalistic persona and revealed a truth about himself - his battle with depression.

It was a thoroughly inspiring account of challenge and trauma, of reaching out to his parents and friends and eventually finding professional help that has restored balance to his life.

Very few of us have that kind of guts, that kind of generosity.

By revealing so much about himself, Donie O’Sullivan has put a gentle, understanding arm around those of us whose struggles with mental health are ongoing and are inflicting a terrible toll. His message is: it doesn’t have to be like that.

People can turn things around. Redemption is still possible and joy can be reinstated into our lives.

But, as he reminds us, that may require professional help.

People engaged in a miserable hand-to-hand combat for their mental health should know that help is available.

Imperfect and all as our healthcare system is, there are still services that will respond in a caring and professional manner - in a way that can transform lives.

People don’t have to endure all alone.