Poor Box: we’ll keep on seeking answers

The last thing public administration wants in this country is openness and transparency.

That’s why our campaign at Kerry’s Eye to find out the names and details of ALL the beneficiaries of the Kerry District Court Poor Box is like attempting to pull bad teeth.

All you get is bits and pieces - never the full result you’re seeking.

Last year, nearly €470,000 of Poor Box money was paid out to 69 beneficiaries.

Since this is public money, it’s entirely right - and in the public interest - that we’re told EXACTLY where, and to whom, this money went.

Under the current, entirely wrong-headed, system, Judge James O’Connor is entitled to distribute this money.

But everybody accepts - it’s OUR money.

So when they decided to hold back the names of eight beneficiaries, we pressed for details.

We lodged a Freedom of Information (FOI) application and eventually - after weeks - they relented.

Names were supplied, which we’re publishing this week.

But, names without details such as addresses and purposes to which the money was put are useless.

So, we’re going to keep at it. We’re going to demand more.

And we won’t stop until ALL our questions about this particular sum of public money are answered.