Alternative energy cannot be forced

WE’RE all in favour of green, renewable energy and look forward to the day when climate change caused by man is a thing of the past.

Each one of us loves the notion of handing on this planet Earth to future generations in a better condition to when we took charge.

So we support the development of alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind. But, honestly, who amongst us would like to live beside a massive, swirling wind turbine - not to mention a whole farm of them? I think the vast majority of us, having considered the question reasonably, know the answer to that.

Little wonder then that the people of Sliabh Luachra are opposing the construction of a wind farm in their locality, giving as their reasons the size and numbers of the turbines involved.

The community has already pulled together enough money to initiate a judicial review of the decision to grant planning to the wind farm in their area.

That’ll play out in the courts, costing an enormous amount of money and a great deal of worry and concern to those impacted.

It all seems such a waste. And such a missed opportunity.

Alternative energy sources need to be constructed if we are to survive on this planet. But such developments must be provided with the agreement of affected communities.

We cannot ‘force’ acceptance. And, if that means more suitable locations for wind farms and the like, then so be it.