Low profitability on many Irish farms - IFAC report

The agricultural and agribusiness accountancy services company IFAC issued its inaugural Irish Farm Report 2019 this week and the contents reveal a number of disturbing factors for the farmers in the country.

The analysis conducted on a large number of on-farm accounts finds that dairy profits tumbled by 25%, although excluding EU subsidies, in 2018.

The beef sector lost €116 a hectare (again excluding subsidies) and feed costs formed a particularly expensive component to expenses for all farming categories during the year.

The absence of spring from the calendar in 2018 meant that beef producers spent 40% more than they had for feed in 2017 while dairy farmers had 30% higher expenditures for feed.

No delays on Direct Payment can be tolerated in 2019: IFA

Farmers will not brook any delays in the delivery of Direct Payments in 2019, the Deputy President of the IFA, Richard Kennedy, has warned the government, although without directly adding that there is a General Election on the horizon.

Speaking at a Charter of Farmers’ Rights in Portlaoise, he pointed out that farm incomes are under heavy pressure this year so farmers will not respond agreeably with any delays. Files and any issues in them will need to be dealt with well in advance of the payment dates, he said, directing particular attention to the Land Parcel Identification System and the potential for this to be the cause of deferments.