Commitment on agricultural appeals has not been honoured

The Deputy President of the IFA, Richard Kennedy, has complained that the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, gave commitments to set up an Agricultural Appeals Review Panel under an independent chairperson but he has not yet come through on this promise.

The review committee established to consider the organisation in response to concerns about the existing appeals system published its findings over two years ago but matters have not advanced from that point. The recommendations in the report were delivered to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture but went no farther.

“The minister must ensure the recommendations are implemented so that farmers can have confidence in the appeals system and that their cases will be dealt with fairly, impartially and efficiently,” Richard Kennedy said.

Company funds raise suspicions in the IFA

The President of the IFA, Joe Healy, has issued some forthright concerns about the manner in which the Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary based in County Meath obtains its funding.

The organisation has contributed to “expensive advertisements around as part of the Go Vegan World campaign,” he said, “but the sources of this money are far from clear.” Eden is a limited company and it does not have charitable status so it is not subject charity regulations so it is able to issue limited information within its annual accounts, he explained.

“It seems extraordinary that a multi-million euro advertising campaign across Ireland and the UK would be run from an obscure animal sanctuary in Ireland which is not a registered charity, does not produce audited accounts and does not disclose where its funding comes from,” he added.