ICSA critical of processes involved in South Kerry Greenway

An official of the ICSA, Adrian Kelly, has expressed his support for the communities that are resisting the imposition of what they regard as unreasonable edicts, including Compulsory Purchase Orders, in the development of greenways in the country.

The Galway man spoke out on behalf of the 130 landowners in Kerry who could be affected by CPOs to facilitate the South Kerry Greenway, pointing out that “the ICSA has long since considered that proper consultation and co-operation amongst all parties was the only way to progress a cycleway”.


CAN fertiliser prices have fallen in recent weeks - so shop around

There is some good news for farmers in the sharp fall in the prices being sought for calcium-ammonium-nitrate fertilisers in recent weeks and farmers should make sure that they benefit from this by shopping around for their supplies, the Chairman of the IFA’s Inputs Project Team John Coughlan has commented.

“With the EU fertiliser season rapidly moving to a close, wholesale prices - in particular nitrogen prices - have fallen significantly in recent weeks. These savings should be passed back directly to farmers,” he said.