Christmas date with strings attached for Gemma

Gemma from Park Road is a well-known vocal coach and the business owner of Voiceworks Studio, a chain of vocal coaching centres in Cork and Kerry. She holds a B.Mus Hons and MA in classical vocal performance but now considers herself a contemporary vocalist exclusively.

Gemma who is well-known as a pop/soul vocalist, lending her vocals to epic dance tunes performed by 2fm’s Jenny Greene and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra in top national venues including the INEC last Friday and Saturday night.

The album, ‘In My Nature’, takes a traditional jazz approach to the instrumentation but there’s no escaping the collective’s broad range of musical influences and individual flair which ebbs and flows throughout the record from standards to original compositions.


Candlelight sets an old world aglow in Jimmy’s

The Candlelight Night at Jimmy’s was orchestrated to give people a brief trip back in time to a lost world where more meaningful connections were made without the distractions of phones and tvs.

Alan Breen, who organised the night, admitted that some people who were unaware of the technology black-out got a bit of a land when they walked in. But they soon got absorbed in the half-light and all that came with it.