Ann dances into the 70s

Every good wish to Ann Flynn, Gurrane, Firies, who was joined by a legion of friends and relatives in Sheahan’s Bar last Friday night to celebrate the fact that she had turned 70 years young.

By Friday afternoon, practically everything was in place to ensure a great night. The final touches were added by Ann and her friend, Barbara Dalton, as they put up the decorations.

Lorraine talks the walk

Where does Clover’s Lane take its name from? What part of Killarney did the final ambush in the War of Independence take place?

And how is Killarney House connected to the White House?

The answers to these questions are among the interesting facts presented by Lorraine O’Sullivan on the Killarney Town Tour that she has devised based on research drawn from a variety of sources, including well-versed locals, including her parents, Michael and Mary O’Sullivan.