Pub drama packs in the punters

That’s why I was more than pleased to see a group of local actors pack the punters into Courtney’s Bar on Sunday night for a performance of a play called ‘And They Used to Star in Movies’.

Basically, the play is a comedic imagining of Mickey and Minnie Mouse contemplating post-cartoon life. Most of the action centres around a boozed-up Mickey Mouse who can’t accept the fact that his career is washed-up. The words ‘come back’ hold a particular horror for him.

Hazel and Ciara put the spotlight on ethical clothing

But there’s a growing movement to make people aware of how the clothes we buy are produced, the effect that certain fabrics have on the environment and how workers are treated.

In keeping with this new awareness and to mark Fashion Revolution Week, a Swap Shop will be held on Sunday April 28 at the Laurels Hall behind the Town Clock. There will be speakers on sustainable fashion and on ethical and sustainable pop-up shops.

The event is being organised by Hazel O’Malley of Hazel’s Nuts About Vintage and by Ciara O’Connor of Oh Keira.