Mary and Paudie mark their years together

It wasn’t a special zero anniversary but for Mary and Paudie O’Brien, it was their special celebration to mark being together 43 years.

Mary and Paudie married on July 2, 1977 in St Brendan’s Church which was just across the road from where Mary grew up in Urban Terrace, Rock Street.

The couple had their wedding reception in Ballygarry House Hotel which was then called the Manhattan Hotel and afterwards they headed off to Butlins in Mosney, Co. Meath for their honeymoon. As they had rarely been out of the county in those days - Butlins was a real treat with all its activities and shows.

Karrie has got music in the heart

She might well be a Killarney woman true and true but Karrie (O’Sullivan Holmes) has somewhat adopted Tralee - she works with her husband Danny Holmes in his veterinary practice in Caherslee while the couple and their three children live on a farm just outside the town.

A talented singer-songwriter, Karrie has drawn the attention of the great blues artist Mary Coughlan who has included one of Karrie’s songs, ‘Elbow Deep’, in her latest album due to be released shortly.

Karrie is the daughter of Kay and the late Pa O’Sullivan and is one of nine siblings. She came from a truly musical family and grew up with music in her home and her heart.