Paul and Lorraine  celebrate engagement

Paul Horan is indeed a romantic man  - on January 8 this year he surprised his partner Lorraine Griffin with a marriage proposal.

Paul didn’t tell Lorraine that he had taken the day off from work and he spent the day organising the apartment decorating it with flowers and creating a romantic atmosphere. When Lorraine came home from her work that evening, she was bowled over to find Paul waiting on one knee with a ring and a bottle of champagne. After getting over the shock, both Paul and Lorraine’s parents, who were waiting outside, arrived. It was all, of course, arranged by Paul and the six of them had a small celebration in their apartment at Pier Village.

Counting down to Karen and Bertie's Big Day Out

Karen Fitzgerald is counting down the days to her wedding in July and last Saturday she was ‘out on the town’ celebrating the upcoming event.

The glammed-up Karen in her ‘hen outfit’ and a gang of twenty-six ‘slick chicks’ first headed to the Ashe Hotel for a meal. Then after enjoying fun and friendship and excellent food, it was down to the Abbey Inn where the group held a private party with the theme of ‘Cocktails and Karaoke’.