Kings of the Kilburn High Road at Siamsa

Presented by the Zyber Theatre Company, ‘The Kings of the Kilburn High Road’ tells the story of six Irish men who emigrate to London in the 1970s. They plan to stay a few years, make some money, and return home. But they never do. Set 25 years after they first left home, the play takes place in a London pub as five of the men hold an impromptu wake for the one who did make it home - in a coffin.

“It’s a typical Irish story and it’s also very pertinent in these times,” says John Fraher, a member of the ensemble cast. “Back then everyone had family members who moved to England and maybe they came home wearing better clothes, looking wealthy, when really they didn’t have much. Or some of them couldn’t come home at all, because of the shame or whatever.”

Charity gifts from Betty’s Bar events

The National Council for the Blind received a cheque for €700, the proceeds of the annual mystery tour trip and various raffles held throughout the year including the Christmas Draw organised by John Chissy O’Regan. The charity was chosen because of the late Tom O’Connor’s association with Bettys Bar. Tom was a well-known character and was legally blind.

The other two charities who each received €200 were Recovery Haven and the Kerry Hospice. This was the amount raised before Christmas at ‘Knobs Night’ - when patrons were encouraged to bring their own ‘coal knobs’ and the best and most decorative knob was judged by Caroline in the bar and won by Jeffrey Horan. A raffle was held during the evening and raised €400 for the two charities.