Stacks launch virtual Paul Lucey Run for the Rock

Runners and walkers have no excuse not to get moving as Austin Stacks GAA Club just launched the Paul Lucey Run for the Rock which will go virtual this year.

Renamed the Virtual Paul Lucey Run for the Rock Run/Walk 5k/10k, the club members socially distanced to launch the run last weekend at the Stacks grounds in Tralee.

The event will take place over a 24-hour period from October 31 to November 1, on a route of the participants’ choice.

Tralee to Fenit Greenway will be a magical amenity

The Tralee to Fenit Greenway will be a more than welcome amenity for the town, The Spa and Fenit. Greenways are a safe amenity for walkers and bikers and positively impact areas.

People will be flocking back to The Spa and Fenit - what a great exercise that would be - stop at either place and have lunch and maybe a deoch or two and enjoy the spectacular scenery of Tralee Bay.

One suggestion for the organisers is that they would please consider walkers - unfortunately there are many cyclists using the ‘Tracks’ walk at present and some are speeding along at very high speeds, whizzing in and out around pedestrians.