Glenbeigh showcased in new trails brochure

Featuring seven local walks, all open to the public and easily accessible, the brochure provides detailed information for visitors to the area.

Gerard Burke was one of those behind the project: “We had a brochure from 25 years ago but it was out of date. Over the summer months, we gathered up information on all the different walks. These walks are open for all and they’re very accessible. There’s seven walks all planned out and you can see exactly where they take you, how long they will be, what kind of footwear is required.”

Over a third carry debt into 2019

These findings were revealed in a new, national survey of borrowing and debt trends among 1,000 adults in Ireland. The survey was commissioned by the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU), and carried out by i-Reach Insights in December 2018.

Broken down further, the survey reveals that in eight out of ten cases the instance of debt relates to a personal loan. Third level or education loans are responsible for 11% of the debts while 5% are carrying a business loan debt.

For many, reaching for the credit card to manage debts can seem like the easiest and most convenient solution. However, with interest rates as high as 23% often charged for the privilege, more often than not this can prove to compound an already stressful situation.