Oaklands summer party celebrates family bonds

Dozens of people of all ages attended the Residents’ Summer Party at Oaklands Nursing Home in Listowel on Sunday to celebrate the importance of family.

Fr Sean Sheehy celebrated Mass with the residents and their families - many of whom were grandchildren.

There was great fun and laughter throughout the day, with music provided by local musicians.

Speaking to Kerry’s Eye, Activities Coordinator Agata Nowik said they were very grateful for the support shown on the day.

Shannon gives advice to Leaving Cert class of 2019

Receiving the Leaving Certificate results can be a very stressful time for many students. To put things into perspective, Shannon Lowe has offered some helpful advice to those considering their options.

Dear Leaving Certificate students,

At this time you will be accepting your preferred and maybe not so preferred course. Some of you may not have the chance this time round as you may not have got what you worked so hard for.

Do not be discouraged, for those of you who wait, persevere and work harder, will get there in the end.

I did my Leaving Certificate back in 2013 in a small rural school in North Kerry, and although H1s and H8s did not exist at that time of grading, and maybe it was easier graded, I walked out of my Leaving Certificate results day with 260 points.